The Clip created a fuss, no matter where it was put, this problem is negligible in most models but in this, it was hindering. Non-Member $110.00 Club Pricing Applied at Checkout! It’s light, sharp, locks well and isn’t “scary” to folks when you pull it out. However, the quality of the knife is not compromised even though it was not made in the United States as some individuals prefer. Be the first to write a review! New! The Endura 4 has the Spyderco Trademark Round Hole, or sometimes known as the Spyderhole, in the blade near the handle to aid in one handed opening. Both the original Endura and Delica were released in 1990 and have since remained the go-to knife for Spyderco customers. The SpyderEdge blade is a two-step serration which increases the cutting edge’s surface by up to 24 percent. The ergonomics were not that comfortable when compared with other models in Spyderco. Spyderco Endura 4 FRN, or fiberglass reinforced nylon, handles also have Bi-Directional Texturing, which is a patented design and increases the ability to grip solidly with less chance of slipping whether you are using it in wet or dry environments. is survival and outdoorsman who simply love the wild. I think the handleconstruction will fail before the blade. The old Spyderco Civilian lacked this feature. Even the clip is upgraded to give better experience. Reserve it today for only $5.00 (non-refundable). This knife can be used by all kinds of people with a different profession. This includes shipping and handling. It is not a secret that Spyderco has always been responsible for the most revolutionary and innovative knives ever created. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, or Quick View. Spyderco is the choice of most people from common householders, hunters, and adventurers. There are two skeletonized stainless steel liners inside the handle that provides the knife a strong grip without the inclusion of any unwanted weight. 00 From Spyderco . Plus, there are variations within each version, handle materials, blade grinds, various steels, etc. The Spyderco Endura is a large, folding knife with a sturdy lock back to secure the blade in the open position while working. Contact us if you have any questions! HOW DOES THE SPYDERCO DELICA 4 COMPARE. Let's call this a review after long term use. March 18, 2020 April 9, 2020 James Davis. The Endura knife features a molded FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handle with Bi-Directional texturing for traction and improved ergonomics. Overall this folder will last a long time if the user understandsits limitations and usage. They became the parents for the current lightweight performing knives of today, and also at an affordable price. Available on Amazon. The VG-10 is an excellent steel and is considered ‘high-end’ and holds an edge very well in this flat saber ground blade. I think this knife is a very high value product in the Spyderco line. The opening and closing of the blade proved to be very smooth and effortless that can be used perfectly by left-handers too. This Colorado-based knife manufacturing giant, Spyderco has grown so big, that it has kick-started and pioneered most of the common knife features like a round hole in the blade, pocket clip and so on. The Spyderco Endura 4 is already one of my favorite EDC knives so when I saw the Spyderco Endura 4 FFG I knew it would be joining my collection of EDC Gear. Most of the other Spyderco folders of this size and quality are double the price of the Endura 4. Spyderco Delica 4 Folding Knife, Black / Black. Flat ground or flat grind blades are paramilitary and military use, giving you ample power when pegged downward. This Spyderco Endura knife has an orange FRN handle and a full-flat ground VG-10 stainless steel blade that is … Repairs made by any company other than Spyderco will also void the warranty. Before getting on with this review I would like to apologize if much of what I write echoes what I wrote for my Spyderco Endura 4 review. Tags. This site is for sharing his insight and abilities for the individuals who feel a nearby bond with nature simply like him. Spyderco’s use of this material on its widespread models have given VG-10 a bigger market. The Spyderco Endura 4 knife’s screw construction provides a solid and sturdy blade that can be taken apart for cleaning easily and can then be put back together with little fuss. With it's FRN scales, a VG-10 blade and fantastic ergonomics, Spyderco simply continues to improve the Endura Series with each release. This particular model is C10KB, using Hitachi ZDP-189 steel for the blade material. Is the Spyderco Endura 4 the best pocket knife of all time or ever? Spyderco lists the Endure 4 FRN knife for $114.95 on their website. #edc #spyderco #everydaycarry After being a little disappointed in the last Spyderco knife, we decided to step it up just a little with the Endura 4. They started to outsource and moved its large part of knife production to foreign contractors. However, if Spyderco deems one of their products as defective they will repair or replace it at no cost to the owner. Most of the VG10 knives cost most than $100, but this model from Spyderco is economically the best option. Spyderco’s Endura 4 is a lightweight, high performing EDC knife and shouldn't be overlooked if you are in the market. With its plain edge and full flat grind, (ZDP-189, C10GRE) it was an easy choice to write about the Endura 4. I highly recommend the Spyderco End… Required fields are marked *. This blade comes in handy for most of the chefs who travel around frequently. Once the knives are available, orders will be fulfilled in the order they were placed. Jason K. Salmons | Last Update: October 5, 2020. The flagship version of the design includes a stout saber-ground VG-10 stainless steel blade with a choice of PlainEdge™, CombinationEdge™, or SpyderEdge™ configurations. It has held up well there as well – providing good shavings for fire starting, cutting both fishing line and rope, and letting me work with moleskin to handle some blisters. Spyderco Endura 4 Reviews. This is a slim and lightweight design, perfect for every day carry (EDC). Because of the flat blade, the spine is thinner and should cause less resistance when slicing through material. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Spyderco Endura 4 Lightweight Signature Folder Knife with 3.80" Black VG-10 Steel Blade and FRN Handle - CombinationEdge - C10PSBBK at Like You like this 9. These skeleton liners provide to be an anchor for all the components inside and outside the handle, making it extra tough and rigid. The blade that comes with this knife is also known as Japan’s super steel. Given the opportunity to test one of their newer knives I decided to reach for the Endura 4. Even though thinner, it still has adequate jimping, which are grooves that improve control by adding texture, for added leverage when needed. Price wise at around $65, (on amazon) you really can't go wrong with this pocket knife. December 9, 2011 Links endura, review, spyderco Rob. Spyderco Endura 4 Review. Spyderco lists the Endure 4 FRN knife for $114.95 on their website. This is one of the best busy models from Spyderco giving the best value for money. Since the beginning, he turned out to be interested in various instruments among which the knife blade was one of them. For the uninitiated the blade will almost look goofy, but for those that appreciate this unique aesthetic it’s a beautiful sight to behold. To me, there is no question about the quality of a Spyderco. This is a knife that is easy enough to carry every day, but big enough to be used as a serious tool or defensive option. Almost all manufacturing for VG-10 is made in Japan. Also an EDC knife (be it a big one), the Endura 4 boasts some of the same features as the Delica 4 just in a slightly larger package. They became the parents for the current lightweight performing knives of today, and also at an affordable price. The 4th gener… Spyderco Endura 4 Knife Review 2021. But the whole design is customizable so the screws can be tightened and made new as before.
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