Also I am having all the trim painted, fireplace and spindles on staircase. There will always be mild variations. I can either try and tweak the sunroom color by having the lighter living room bad mix of Latte matched and see if they could take out the green undertone. The curtains I have are a bold, fun turquoise color. Seems like a lot of different colours for 650 ft. So, if you find that some of the above colours are a touch too warm for you – this might hit the spot! The dining room that’s in between these two rooms is absolutely driving me nuts — I have painted swatches on every wall and NOTHING looks right. Along with Muslin, they are very versatile with regards to adding accents/accessories/furnishings. I can see how Sundial would feel too peach for sure. e, Hi Elyse, thank you for your note! The pain will subside once I have the samples up. Wow, I wish I had thought to come to internet , and your site MANY $10 samples ago!!!! ), So, let me know how those work for you. Thanks so much. I’ll be able to look at photos of your home and a questionnaire to come up with some ideas for you, Thank you for being so generous with your talent. It's also a great backdrop for art and pops of color. Taupe is a lot more difficult to pull off with a blue couch and honey maple floors. Let me know what you think!!!!!! (these are all Benjamin Moore colours…). (Translation: The possibilities for bold looks are endless.) a deeper blue green grey or something like Northern Cliffs?? ) It would be an easier fix now. Hi Mimi, I’m glad you love my site! SW’s Collonade Gray also looks slate blue. It sounds to me like you might need a more gray tone to humour those countertpos and then can supplement that with other rooms in warmer colours and adding some warm accents/textures to warm up the gray toned walls. #2. Indian White is similar to Navajo White and … Our living room that connects to the kitchen is a dark tan color. It’s affordable and fun! At some point when mixing a number of off-white’s cream, you get to a point where it’s hard to add another. We make every effort to ensure our colours are displayed as accurately as digital media will allow. ok so here goes. The rug is neutral with cream background and some other fall colors mixed inn (again, very subtle). I have a Farrow and Ball color called Stoney Ground? Mild Shampoo + Protective Conditioner = Longer-Lasting Color You can color your hair less often if you really take care of it. The furniture is the land of Nod uptown bed set in gray. Oak floors and trim in the living room and brick fireplace with wood mantle (which we are painting white and whitewashing the brick). If that interests you, I have some affordable and fun options to check out! I find sometimes when I’m really struggling with my own home that it means that ‘something else’ is off. 2 colours that I love, that I think could be AMAZING at a fraction of their strength….Blue Grass cc 640 and Palladian Blue HC 144, Now if it were me, I would go to Home Depot and ask them if they can make these Benjamin Moore Colours at 1/8 of their strength into the ‘sample pots’ that they have (our Home Depot has sample pots of Behr and CIL paint). After scouring the web for help on choosing grays I came across your site. Not sure whether to paint cameo white to keep consistent with kitchen and then add in cream colored accessories as in pillows and throws to break up all the gold. I also feel the Gray Owl is colder than expected. If that doesn’t work, check out my E-design exterior packages here… Hubby’s not loving it. Then there is the grey counters with blue undertone that front the dining room. Store Finder; Truck & Tool Rental ... BEHR 6-1/2 in. Kylie, Yikes! gold. I also looked at Revere Pewter at 150%, but it’s just shockingly blue in the evening — really disappointing given that RP is usually one of the warmest grays that designers recommend. , If you do prefer the gloss finish, just be aware that it can show off any damage to your walls and can look abrasive when artificial light hits it (as it is reflective). Now of course you can almost never go wrong with Cloud White. If you choose chocolate brown, red makes a super fab accent colour. I understand what you are saying about the weight of the colors. After, the room looks warm, welcoming and inviting, WITHOUT looking day-glo! I looked at Pashmina (AF100), but in spite of its warm undertones, it is reading really quite purple in my dark dining room. I was thinking of using a warmer greige on the cabinets instead, to work with the granite and floors, but I’m not sure how this will work with the Antique White trim, Believable Buff walls, and Creamy ceiling in the room. As for the colors in the living room. Mascarpone has a delicious light, creamy and very mild taste. Wrong. textbook on it or something. The walls are currently a caramel color and the wood furniture is all mahogany. Now colours that could work for you…and there aren’t many options . Sometimes the undertones are so easy to see and at other times you don’t see them at all until the paint is already on the wall. Benjamin Moore’s Powell Buff is a beautiful color. There’s not much natural light in the kitchen, other than that from the slider. I’ve got a crazy day today, but I know that tomorrow is quieter for me, so hopefully I’ll be able to sit down and digest your home! Regardless of the design approach you decide to pursue, consider adding these designers' go-to cream paint colors to your list of samples to test. They come with plastic or wood tips, and also come in a variety of flavors. I am unsure about it. Bennington Gray/Grant Beige – awesome colours if you’re looking for ‘Greige’. When you’re dealing with cream cabinets you do need to be careful that your trimwork isn’t competing with your cabinets. Now some Benjamin Moore stores are not able to lighten some of their colours, so if that’s the case you can just take the colour chip to Home Depot and get it colour matched and lightened. I have been SWAMPED with questions lately and am referring most people to my Online Consulting, so I’ll have to make my reply quick and sweet! this one is borderline for me as while it’s a REALLY wellbalanced warm colour, there is so much beige in it, it loses the creamy feel – but maybe you’ll like it! You might really like it or you might find it is too close to Sundial. The hope would be that your kitchen and dining room would look like the same colour to most people, but you and I would know that we’d tweaked the dining room to the right undertone. I will be able to help you eventually, but I have to put my Online and In-Home Consultations as priorities, so it might take some time…. In certain lights it can go just a ‘wee touch’ pinky. Ideas? I live in Manhattan if that makes any difference. For awhile, the front-runner was bm covington blue but I feel that’s a huge commitment to the color and I feel going a bit lighter or more neutral would be better. I have a number of packages that I think would be perfect for you and I will attach the link to them here: I literally have 10 different samples thrown up on the walls in there with the worst sort of paralysis of choosing paint possible. it. If it interest you just hop onto my Online Consultation and choose the $60 option and send me 6-8 photos of your space (dining room too Focus on clean, ultragentle, super moisturizing formulas—just as … I also have orangish cherry wood natural trim around windows and natural crown molding in that room only cause my husband thinks it’s blasphemy to paint over natural wood. Intense Gray – one of my fave light grays The Pantone Color Institute suggests a whole menu of frothy colors to match up with cream.Paint your pastel paradise with buttercream, cream puff, strawberry cream, almond cream, apricot cream, banana cream, key lime cream, vanilla cream, double cream, caramel cream, and even a creamy jade, a shade paler than creamy celadon green. #PPU4-12 Natural Almond Matte Interior Peel and Stick Paint Color Sample Swatch Model# PNSHD012 $ 2 00 $ 2 00. I am really going insane with the whites! I’m just making sure to not have to much of a ‘yellow green’ for you as it wouldn’t jive with the theme of your dining room colour which is more on the bright and punchy side, rather than the ‘earth toned’ side. I even painted a large swatch of Revere Pewter an that looked greenish. The cabinets are creamy white, the floor (I thought was cream/beige) I now believe it’s a cream/beige/grayish. I appreciate you sharing it. Affordable and creative ideas that suit you AND your home with todays best paint colors! The rooms look two different colors at times. Hope to hear from you! Simple – Gentle Cream or Revere Pewter. I am happy with this, plus the windows are white. I thought I’d like Acadia white, but after painting some small areas in the LR it is WAY too white. There’s seems to be a pattern where I decide to paint when I am stressed. #1 – Gentle Cream. Sorry for the delay in the reply! In keeping with the equal weight of color rule, the dining room shouldn’t be deeper than the other rooms, correct? It was daring for me but always loved red and I needed the drama then. So before I splash my colors on the wall I would really appreciate it if you could confirm that I’m on the right track. "This color is the perfect balance of crisp white with the slightest cream undertone for warmth. Now it does have a yellow undertone and really is essentially ‘white’, it will let all of your other colours ‘do their own thing’ without affecting them one way or another…. It certainly wouldn’t help your worry about the room feeling dark, but it would look sharp in your kitchen (gray/red/black/cream – classic combo), but I know gray isn’t everyone’s thing, so it would need to be a comfort zone for you. Benjamin Moore Indian White OC 88. Check out this post as we used Gray Owl throughout almost the WHOLE house, it’ll give you a good feel for how it acts in a variety of rooms … Anyways, back to colours! Hi Alena, I would SO love to help you, but I’ve been absolutely inundated with questions and In-home consultations lately that I’m needing to direct questions to my Online Consulting ($30 hr). HELP!!!! Its neutral base calms things down and is almost greige in comparison to the above colours, giving it a warm, but more neutral look. Here’s my dilemna. Ivory is the hard, white dentine in an elephant's tusks. I’m leaning towards a cream color. The 9 Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors - Grays (Including Undertones), The 8 Best Blue and Green Blend Paint Colours: Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, Great if you’re looking for a light and warm palette that is verging on the ‘off-white’ range, Navajo White is a tiny bit more colourful than a traditional ‘cream’, but nowhere near the, Great as a partner to feature walls and accent walls, Will act like a warm, but not overly colourful neutral, If you keep the samples on their white paper, you can move them around the room, While there could be a very (very) small amount of green in it, it’s so vague I’ve never actually seen it show up to the party, Suits homes with southern or northern exposures. Yes neutralizing applies to the paint colours as well as accents and what not! And it’s cheaper to take the paint chips to H.Depot and have them colour match it into their sample pots (less than 1/2 the price). I’m very happy I did. I really struggle with a lot of the BM greige recommendations online because my style is very much coastal and requires a lighter saturation than most. We will be redoing the floors probably a medium colored wood. Have walls in Benjamin Moore “Everlasting “ and off-white/cream cabinets. Actually the Raspberry Truffle is not bright at all in the brightest day light. "This color is the perfect balance of crisp white with the slightest cream undertone for warmth. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Not overly yellow, but certainly less peach than Sundial. It’s not warm, but it’s not as ‘greige. Float, bask, luxuriate. Muslin – this is one of the most popular neutrals as it’s a bit more ‘gentle’ than Bennington Gray and Grant Beige. This bedroom gets a slice of sunshine with the colour combination, where mild cream walls meet vibrant yellow curtains and blind. 1. I don’t know if I should use white or light light gray color or a blend of both? There are so many that I am getting overwhelmed and at one point, they all start blending together!
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