They're comfortable to wear and deliver an immersive audio reproduction. If you want it summed up in a short sentance "sounds similar, but way better". AKG K240 M vs MKII. The result of this is a set of headphones that give you accurate highs and the detailed lows that an open-back design gives you. But as I wrote in my post, the sound is very different. AKG has achieved both we think with a headband that is self-adjusting and ear pads that sit nicely over the ears. However, switching from cheap headphones to AKG's, everything sounds so different, that you are a bit confused for the first few seconds. We all have them in varying degrees of quality, and we use them in the gym out running and even in the water. That Good Good I hope you enjoyed this AKG K240 vs. Samson SR850 Comparison, and came away with some valuable insight. It's important to note, this is not a muffled sound (like 99% of all gaming headphones), bur a rich and full sound. With the AKG K240 Studio series, the cable and earcups are all replaceable. ... AKG K240 MKII vs Superlux HD 668B Side-by-Side Comparison. Without the clamping action, we also previously mentioned, you can use them for hours. 95 $ 49. The ear cups have metal-looking rings, but we think they are plastic as well. On the face of it, the styling might not look so impressive but stay with us. They have to be tough enough to take the many hours of use that they are likely to get. ), so what you hear will never sound as good on your speakers, car sound or phone, you know? They weigh just 0.53 of a pound. CLICK HERE TO GET AKG K240 TODAY WITH FREE SHIPPING! Other HEADPHONES Comparisons. AKG K240 headphones' comfortable, lightweight design and semi-open earcups are popular with studio performers, while their dead-accurate frequency response makes them an engineer favorite. Microphones that are industry leaders and the measure to which others aspire are just part of it. They became one of the most used sets of headphones in recording studios all over the world. Headphones that after a couple of hours of listening, feel like you have a brick in your head. But, not anymore. You can clearly hear the extra mid-high range compared to the Audio Technica, but it does feel like you lose some definition on the base side. Classic music, vocals, nature sounds, movies with high quality sound, and everything in-between sounds absolutely phenomenal on the AKG K-240. They have become the property of the consumer. Cost-effectiveness winner. These headphones have an over-ear wearing style. As Tina Turner once said, ‘Simply the Best’ and she was probably using a pair of AKG headphones when she recorded it. This makes it less resonant and creates accurate mids and well-defined highs. Posted on Mar 03, 2009 09:57 am Stone21 Member Since: Sep 19, 2008. But before we get to our AKG K240 Studio Review, who are they? Though, as we said, stay with us. They are a great-sounding set of phones that are very detailed. With the size of the transducers comes a sound that is three-dimensional and more lifelike. So why the use of plastic instead of metal? In the last 50 years, headphones have changed. If you are not familiar with headphones type yet, let us give a brief information about the types of over ear headphones. In Europe in 1947, countries were still coming to terms with the aftermath of a war that had torn the continent apart. AKG K240 MKII Professional Semi-Open Ste... AKG K240 MKII Professional Semi-Open Stereo Headphones Bundle with Audiomate Headphone Stand and Mophead 3 Medium Guitar Picks $149.99 They will work for most styles, but in some genres, they might sound a little different. What they are about is sound, and these do the business on that front. But they also have to have a comfort level that is quite high and not be too heavy or uncomfortable to wear. Headphones that the professionals use are another. And with being so lightweight, courtesy of its largely plastic build, they give a great performance. The plugs are convertible if necessary. is there any real difference between the two? Any big bass sound is not present. They have a frequency range of 15 Hz to 25,000 Hz. They have a foam interior covered with a leatherette material. AKG see the MKII has a studio headphone, with this working model showcasing a much more stripped-back aesthetic. Based on our rating, both have the same overall rating of 6.5 out of 10. This is difficult to explain but very noticeable when you listen to things like classic music, nature sounds, vocals, binorial sounds, 3d sound experiences (like virtual barber), even movies and games that have great sound. The very flexible steel inside allows it to fit comfortably. This is assisted by a venting design that is acoustically-tuned. In ’74 came the 140. The AKG K240 MKII are semi-open, critical listening headphones with an above-average sound. Questions? Probably more accurate to call it a head strap. hello i just bought the AKG K240 Studio headphones and then i found out there's another 240 model that is supposed to be more "pro"(? The headband is actually one of the few parts that have a metal design. Home > Home Recording Forum > Gear Gab > AKG K240 M vs MKII. In actual fact, the MKII uses almost the same basic frame as its predecessor, with metal brackets serving as the foundation, along with automatic headband adjustment that should be familiar to anyone with a passing knowledge of th… Switching back from the AKG's to cheap headphones is a huge step, and everything feels super muffled and mushed together. You may also be interested in some other studio favorites, the Sony MDR 7506 or the Beyerdynamic DT990. So Hip-Hop or Drum and Bass adherents are going to need to look at other potential alternatives because these are not going to fit the bill. The bass has been rolled off quite dramatically. The soundstage of these headphones is quite remarkable. Most definitely! K240 has better separation because it is a semi open headphone, while m30x is a closedback, hence sounded more congested. They leave that to others. About AKG K240 MKII and K240 As you can see from the picture, both of AKG K 240 and its Mk II are a semi-open over ear headphone. Note: If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you. Best Studio Headphones for Home Recording, Top 10 Best Computer Speakers Under $100 To Buy 2020 Reviews, Top 9 Best Speaker Docks On The Market 2020 Reviews, Best Sound Quality Earbuds 2020 – Top 9 Rated Reviews & Buying Guide, Top 10 Best Cheap Earbuds Under $100 of 2020 Reviews, Best Headphones with Microphone 2020 – Top 10 Rated Reviews & Buying Guide. It is, though, it must be said, a quality polymer-type plastic. Now I know there is a bit of a price difference between the two of them, but equally, the AKG K-240 MKII are virtually identical to the AKG K-240 Studio. The Studio and MKII versions of the K240 are very similar semi-open style headphones, with the main differences being design and a few extra connectivity features and accessories on the latter. This ensures a smooth adjustment to fit. Another example of the quality of headphones that are available today. AKG is one of the world’s best with a reputation few can match. When you listen to instrumentals it literally feels like you can hear each individual instrument and string clear. What you do not want is phones that are heavy. Just bought m30x and the sound is good but they are just too uncomfortable on my head. This, while it is being recorded, and then again in playback. It has nothing in the way of padding and is just a simulated leather-look band. 00. Turtle Beach 60P vs Turtle Beach PX24 – What’s the Difference? That aside, both will give you the s… They were once almost exclusively the tools of people in various working environments. The earpads are circumaural, which means they are around the ear, and they cover the ears nicely. Over vs On vs In-Ear SBC vs aptX How To Spot Fake Headphones Break-in Test Bluetooth Versions Comparison Real vs Fake Headphones Dynamic vs Planar Wired vs Wireless Open vs Closed-Back. There is a 3-meter input cable that is detachable. This deeper / heavier / more bass sound make music sound absolutely amazing on the Audio Tehcnica -- doesn't matter the genre: rock, pop, trap, EDM, synthwave, everything sounds phenomenal. Since the 70s, they have set the bar very high in professional headphone standards. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Classic rock sounds great too. Would we recommend them? So I guess this might also help anyone looking for a comparison between AKG K-240 Studio vs Audio-Technica ATH-M30x (which are much closer in price). The AKG K240 Studio MKII is available in black/blue, instead of black/gold. I just recently bought these two pair of headphones: AKG K-240 MKII and Audio-Technica ATH-M20X. They carry on the AKG K240 Monitor tradition in that respect. They have a strong yet flexible build, and the non-twisting headband allows you to use one ear at a time for listening if required. Also, I personally wasn't able to tell any difference between Audio Technica ATH-M30x and M20x (and my decision to go with the M20x was purely because I don't care for the flip cups on the M30x) so sound quality wise (in my opinion), the Audio-Technica ATH-M20x is almost indistinguishable from the Audio-Technica ATH-M30x. Fortunately, now we mere mortals can share in the audio experience. Unfortunately, they're not the most versatile headphones. The ear cups have gimbals that rotate smoothly and feel like they belong to a more expensive set of phones. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Great headphones, you really get your money worth. Something you may have to get used to. But now we move on to what AKG really does best. The design is functional and made to go to work. These are predominately plastic in their build. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. And the quality with which we can now listen has become very sophisticated. We don’t think you will find another set of headphones perform at this level for even twice the price. I've been using the AKG K240 headphones for probably 7 years now, and finally upgraded to the MK II just a few months ago. The design function works well, and they are flexible and very lightweight. Features of the AKG K240 Studio Headphones include a removable cable and Varimotion technology for enhanced bass response. We can connect our phones and have worldwide connections. The moment you put them on the ATH, you can clearly hear it's a deeper sound compared to the AKGs. Flexible but strong, tough enough to handle rough handling, AKG got the comfort versus strength equation about right. Black Friday Deals Week - Save Up to 96%! The Varimotion technology produces a diaphragm that is thinner and very supple towards the outside. Learn more. I've always been a fan of AKG products and this is no different. The weight. AKG K240 MKII review Comfortable, and sound spacious, but you can do better for the money Tested at £100.00 By What Hi-Fi? The adjustments are plastic, as are the tubes over the headband. The AKG K240 Studio headphones are the updated version of the legendary classic AKG K 240 Monitor. NewFantasia Replacement Audio Upgrade Cable Compatible with AKG K240, K240S, K240MK II, Q701, K702, K141, K171, K181, K271s, K271 MKII, M220, Pioneer HDJ-2000 Headphones 2meters/6.6feet 4.7 out of 5 stars 134 No playing around with controls or using and pulling extendable arms here. Noticeable, especially with keyboards, drum machines, and other external devices. 37 points. From the very beginning, they have had this appreciation of what sounds good. For those that like their headphone construction metal-based, there will be some disappointment here. Their headphones are found in studios all over the world. AKG K141 MKII vs AKG K240 – Which Ones are Better? Long story short , I was in a local store checking out headphones and found out they were doing massive discounts on select akg headphones and the k240 mkII was one of them , but I already had my eyes set on the audio technica m20x. But they’re still predominantly there for one reason – to listen to music. You can hear every nuance present in the music. Because if you like your music bass-heavy, it is time to move on elsewhere. It combines a high-end top of the range open-back design with a standard closed-back sound. The detail is exceptional, and it really comes down to one aspect. – AKG K240 MKII vs K240. It is not going to snap or wear. 13 October 2010 An important point to note. Use Admin Data Use … A place for discussion, news, reviews and DIY projects related to portable audio, headphones, headphone amplifiers and DACs. This may well be one of the most staggering elements of this review. That will be enough to satisfy a lot of people. It isn’t supposed to look pretty. Besides that, MKII version includes a coiled cable and more comfortable ear pads, which may be important if you listen for hours at a time. The semi-open design structure and the very efficient transducers give you a dynamic range that is very wide with great sensitivity. The earpads themselves also do not look like they are well-padded. It combines that with the isolation that is needed for tracking, making them, in many ways, the perfect design. Someone once said of AKG phones, if you are not a pro don’t bother. AKG K240 Studio Sound Quality When looking for a headphone, we should agree that their sound is the best part and most important point to consider. The K240 Studio professional over-ear, semi-open studio headphones are designed for professional applications such as mixing, mastering and playback. Some studio people like to use one ear to hear certain aspects of playback. Altogether, from performance and ease of use to comfort and reliability, the AKG K240 MKII is a powerful tool for production environments. It is quite amazing how these can be offered at such a price. Perhaps they sound how the music actually sounds and not how some manufacturers of headphones want us to hear it. Your email address will not be published. While both contain a straight XLR mini to 3.5 mm cable and 3.5 mm to 1.4" adapter, the MKII also includes a coiled cable as well as an additional set of velour cushion pads (as featured on the AKG Q701s). The headphones' integrated semi-open-air design incorporates a highly accurate dynamic transducer and an acoustically tuned venting structure behind the element produces a naturally open sound quality. But here we may lose a few readers. 39 points. These represent a sound you would expect to get from a much more expensive set of headphones. Both the AKG K240 and the AKG K141 MKII are designed to be used with high end audio equipment and will work well in a professional studio setting.
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