Related: canon eos rp sony a7 iii canon 5d mark iv canon eos r5 canon 5d mark iii sony a7r ii canon eos r mirrorless canon 6d mark ii canon eos r6 eos rp canon m50 nikon z6 Include description Category Cookies help us deliver our Services. Find out where the EOS R wins! Lack of FPS and eye af (minor problem). As you can see, 6D is 5 years older than EOS R. Let's see if this age difference between two cameras makes a big difference. I own 3 Rs and will probably upgrade to R Pros when they release. Added note, I'm all for just sticking to my 6D. The internet hates the touchbar but i find it very useful for switching between focus modes and swiping for white balance. A camera is a tool and my camera gets the job done. Canon EOS R. A phase-detection autofocus system is faster than a contrast detection autofocus system. BUT I can't in good conscience recommend to anyone to purchase an EOS R. The best comparitor to the EOS R would be the EOS 650, which was the first EF camera. LP-E6NH battery. 11:28 PM Compared to Nikon Z7. Problem with jump is timing; wait longer for better camera to come along that has everything I could hopefully want or settle for a camera that is just a newer similar brother to my 6D. It's a much more capable camera than the 6D ever was despite the limitations you see on paper and assume it to be. The R has a top panel LCD, I use this more than I thought I would on my 6D2, but most say the dial on the RP makes up for the lack of the LCD on the RP. Card slots in my biggest gripe of all, cards don't fail often, but until it happens to you, which it has for me, it's a huge must have. - edited Thanks for the help. Canon EOS 6D. Special: Canon EOS R Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera, Black MFR: 3075C002. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. To me, it doesn't really make sense to have a mirror-less full frame; you can shrink the body but you can't defy physics. The EVF is class leading currently and very natural for an OLED. Canon EOS 6D For Dummies Cheat Sheet. Canon EOS 6D Mark II. BTW. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. BTW - the crop is not even the big issue here. Canon EOS R. The focus motor moves the lens in order to autofocus. Made in Japan. I wouldn't say that a EOS R will "future proof you for years to come". Seems like you skipped over the 6D 2 and the 5D series, curious to know why you didn't go that route. The light coming through the lens can … Canon EOS R6. I'm just like you and happy someone jumped from the exact same body. Its key strength is its low-light ISO (Sports) score of 2742 ISO, where it ranks in 27th place overall and in fifth place among the full-frame Canon cameras we’ve tested. The R shares the same sensor as the 5D4, the RP the 6D2. A hybrid EF and RF body would be impossible as the flange back distance for the two lens mount are not equivalent. Then I also look at the price. I have been wrong before, many times. The file colour/tone is typical Canon. The last thing you want to do is be an early adopter and find out a few months or maybe a year from now that Canon releases a far better body with more features. The 6D Mark II has a resolution of 26 megapixels, whereas the Canon R provides 30.1 MP. I view both as stepping stones,  So I would do the RP and start investing in glass.. then upgrade my body to Gen 3 or 4 when ready. A sceptic like me. I hated it the moment I saw it's spec sheet, but after using it and watching reviews, it's not so bad. Not sure what the whole fuss is about 4k over 1080 or 4k downgraded to 1080. Compare Canon EOS R vs Canon 6D. Operating Environment specifications top. bigger. The EOS R has 10-bit HDMI video output, while the 5D Mark IV has 8-bit instead. And, unlike that camera, it has 4K shooting. ‎07-01-2019 If I upgrade my 6D to an EOS RP will I need noticeable difference in IQ. I too had a stint of G.A.S where I tried a bunch of brands. I do not shoot video so the EOS RP shortcomings in that dept. Been my workhorse and hobby camera. You have three grids from which to choose: a 3 x 3 grid, a […] The big issue is really the rolling shutter - its atrocious. Neither are ready for prime time (my opinion). TLDR: Looking to upgrade from a 6D to an EOS-R. Is it time finally time to move considering the new mirrorless platform. EVF has its benefits tho I prefer OVF. Incidentally, while it appears that the EOS RP's sensor has simply been lifted from the EOS 6D Mark II DSLR, Canon has confirmed that this isn't quite the case. not sure how I feel about birds in flight with mirrorless, but I don't often get out on my own with my 150-600 tamron much these days. Despite some fundamental differences of these two body types, Mirrorless cameras are becoming serious alternatives to DSLR cameras thanks to their size/weight advantages and recent improvements in their focus speeds , which makes this comparison even more interesting. I went from Nikon APS-C to Sony A6000, to micro 4/3 (E-M10, E-5, Pen-F, E-M1), to Sony A7 II, to now getting a used Canon 6D for cheap. The Canon EOS 6D Mark II and the Canon EOS R are two digital cameras that were officially introduced, respectively, in June 2017 and September 2018. Should be at least 30. I have a 5D Mark III myself and I'm still waiting to see what to do, but I'm not in any rush to upgrade. If you really want a boost in image quality, do go for the EOS R, it has a better sensor. My bottom line is, Sony is a good computer that feels lifeless plus overpriced, Fuji is doing great things body and lens wise, too bad they refuse to go fo full frame, Nikon isn't doing many right things that garners attention and I still hate their operating system, not as refined or simple to use as Canon. Before EOS R's release, there was a lot of talk of Canon releasing some sort of hybrid "EF-X" solution, that would accomodate EF and EF-R lenses within the same body without an adapter - I think this may still be possible, and given the fact that Canon seems OK supporting four (!) Just need help deciding if this is a right move that will future proof me for years to come or is it just G.A.S. Press J to jump to the feed. Prob won't happen for a while and the EOS-R is the only camera at my budget price point worth considering since it has more benefits over the 6D 2 and the 5D series isn't mirrorless yet, but if it were will prob be way more expensive. Seems like a huge risk to me, and I'd rather just wait it out to see how Canon handles things and wait for another body to arrive. The 5D Mark II has bigger pixels. "I do not think you will see a noticeable increase in IQ, ...Your lenses play a bigger role in IQ than the body.". Put one in your hand and it just feels better than anything on the market. I rented the EOS-R with the adapter with the built in ring and found lots of uses for it so it was more of a bonus to get that adapter. Buying an adapter and scepticism buying into a first gen product. Love it to bits and it's has a lot of sentimental value. Big, sharp EVF. 99. For Canon LP-E6 LP E6N Battery USB Charger $20.99 $ 20. Why did you choose the 6D out of all the other choices of full frame Canon bodies? The 6D doesn't even compare to what the Eos R can do. I do like the lenses. May walk out with one haha. Why I'm hesitant: 1 cardslot, come on Canon, not a pro camera sure but it's 2018, we need two. ), I don't think they've figured out their future strategy. I like to shoot photos, and if I catch myself in the right environment, I'd like to switch over to video right away. The other cameras that followed - the EOS 1, 3, etc, were far more memorable. ‎06-28-2019 Also, 4K is nice to have but I rarely took video and I don't even have a beefy computer to edit in 4K. Only 0.2 EV(ISO 2742 vs. 3207) separates the EOS R from the best-performing Canon sensor, found in th… I went from 6D to Eos R. On paper they look like similar cameras but in the hand they are totally different cameras. For compact cameras, a focus motor is usually built-in. How is the M50? This grid is useful when aligning objects that are supposed to be horizontal or vertical. I think not including 4k uncropped is more unforgivable and who the heck would want to buy EF-S lens for a full-frame. And a few minor differences such as LCD resolution, bluetooth, and USB version swing in the direction of the mirrorless camera. Convincing argument, I did try it and felt the same way. Tempted by the R for the autofocus and added resolution over the 6D. Even when recording scenes with a lot of … If I upgrade my 6D to an EOS RP will I need noticeable difference in IQ. DxoMark scores camera sensors for color depth (DXO Portrait), dynamic range (DXO Landscape) and low-light sensitivity (DXO Sports), and also gives them an overall score. The EOS R still can't run in silent mode with the continuous shutter release (neither can my 1DX II), but the EOS R will as Canon updates firmware. Get the EOS R with the adapter ring.You don't need the RF lenses, yet. Sure the 10-18 is a good EF-S lens but I like many full frame users prob don't own one cause we have full frame wide angle lens. You can extend the ISO range of your Canon EOS 6D to give you a range from ISO 50 to ISO 102400. The handling and controls are phenomenal. Both Canon R and Canon 6D MII sensors have been tested by DxoMark. But what I would do may not be what's best for you. If you had to choose between an EOS-R and a 6D Mark II... which would you take and why? Another post with a funny looking link at the end and no response from the OP. If you have a 6D Mark II, the difference in image quality shouldn't be too big really with the RP. The actual files are pretty nice too. Background: Bought a 6D 4 years ago for $800 off a camera dealer going out of business. 06:26 AM Only issue I have with a pro version would be price, but if they do it right, it will have very good specs and the things I still want which is dual card slot, 4k non cropped, 1080 120fps and maybe better button layout or a pro version of the bar if not something better? Heading to the camera shop in a bit, gonna try it again. Maybe you lose a stop of dynamic range compared to a high end Sony sensor but these are the best Canon sensors for DR and 30MP is pretty decent. 12:55 PM LC-E6 Battery Charger. really don't effect me. Love it to bits and it's has a lot of sentimental value. I already know the auto focus will be really improved. Viewfinder. The battery life doesn't compare with DSLR. 0º ~ 40º C (32º ~ 104º F). Canon color science, fended off my urges to jump to Sony solely on this fact, lens lineup and ease of use were also critical to why I stayed. I didn't have much time with the bar, but I'm not a huge fan of it yet as I prefer one button presses to do what I need. The EOS 6D Mark II is the smallest, lightest and least expensive latest-model Canon full frame DSLR and the EOS RP enters the market as the smallest, lightest and least expensive Canon full frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC). It's more accurate and faster than the 6D. 8fps continuous capture. Stick with a known DSLR for now. Included specifications top. The price of the RP is attractive, but the real investment is going to be in your glass. The Canon EOS R is a 30.3 megapixel full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera launched by Canon in October 2018.. The 6D Mark II is a DSLR, while the Canon R is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The RP body is a little smaller and I like that. I get the advantages of EVF but having used the E-M1 Mark II (top of the line M4/3 camera with excellent EVF), it is always not the case that what you see in the EVF reflects the shot you took. You're right Canon imo has been holding back way too much. by Reasons to switch: Mirrorless has its benefits and looking to be the future of cameras. Removing the mirror affects the viewfinder too. The real story is this. I do not shoot video so the EOS RP shortcomings in that dept. I'm gonna stop by the camera shop to try it one more time today, maybe I'll walk out with it. The lenses are crazy good, the adapting of EF lenses has been better than native DSLR in my experience. In my experience the R has been super solid as a 1.0 release and will only get better. How many EOS R reviews have you read or listened to from beginning to end? It makes sense to have mirror-less M4/3s and APS-C since those lenses can be shrunken for those systems. Not a huge jump specs wise, but it will be familiar. Perhaps in their mind it may be a good way to get consumers to buy more EF-S lenses, but at the same time, it really doesn't make sense when you want a hybrid camera that can shoot both video and photos. yep, I am in a similar boat. I'm absolutely thrilled with my Rs, coming from 6Ds/5D3/5D4/D810/Fuji, they have improved my workflow from a creative standpoint (exposure preview and no focus/recompose) and i am getting much more consistent focus at wide apertures, even when tracking motion in low light. Hundreds of results turn up, and I go through as many of them as I can. That's where the bulky DSLR has an advantage. For me, I'm looking for something with more speed - the EOS R is just too slow for my needs. With the Sony A7 II, it was nice to use with primes but in reality for me, I would not use full frame mirror-less with big lenses; it becomes so unbalanced. I would say to keep waiting if possible. Overall, I'm as hesitant as you because Canon will definitely release better ones, but it won't be a while till it refreshes its budget full-frame mirrorless at this price point for a while (assuming 2-4 years considering Canon's product release cycle), which is why I think this would be future proofing. Sorry, but I really don't want to be responsible for telling anyone which camera to decide on. But the 4K crop is just unforgivable. Do you think it's worth waiting for the pro version? IMHO, if I were in the upgrade mood from a 6D, which I would have never bought in the first place, I would go to a 6D Mk II. Battery compatibility with Lp-E6. The Canon EOS R’s CMOS sensor achieves an overall DxOMark score of 89 points, which is 29th place among all small- and medium-format cameras in our database. Key differences include: focus points, screen resolution, battery life, touch screen, GPS and screen flips out No one can tell you which camera is going to work best for you since we all have different reqiirements and use our camera's differently. Broad lens compatibility via adapter. Although the limited number of autofocus points didn't bother me initially with the 6D, the fact that they are … 10:20 AM. I think you should give the EOS-R a chance. Unique native lenses. This has been a great battery in performance, reliability and size (several fit comfortably in my pocket). Advice needed: 6D to EOS R? I was leaning towards the 6D, but I bought the R. I figured smaller size, mirrorless, seems to be the trend.... but I really miss the controls on the 6D. Go for it.I upgraded from 60D to the Eos R and couldn't be happier with the camera.Eagerly waiting for the new RF lenses from Canon and hopefully third parties. Others here will have great insight and will chime in I'm sure. At the end of the day, just a tool, albeit this one does what I need and makes getting it done easier. 12:00 AM. 10:16 AM I could also get the EOS R but if I can save $1000 I am all for it. really don't effect me. How to Level Your Canon EOS 6D. Try googling something like "Canon EOS R vs EOS RP". As a hobbyist, I don't need two card slots. EOS R is $3K (Canadian), plus another $3K for the 50 f1.2. I can work that off in a two months of doing photos on the side while I finish my undergraduate education. I've been wanting to move to a smaller Canon in the future. No 4k without crop, don't shoot video much but nice to have; not a huge issue. Why the jump? I did have the chance to hold one, and it was nice. Due to battery life and my modest EF lens investment, I'm not ready for either at this point, but if I had to do one or the other I'd buy the RP. Canon EOS R | Canon 24-70mm f/4L | 1/1600s | f/8 | ISO 200. Vari-angle touch LCD. In the last few years, movie productions haven't been shooting movies in 4k (RED cameras)either, a lot have been using a 3.2k camera (forgot the brand camera) for a different effect.How much speed are you looking for and what do you shoot that needs it. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 20. Assuming you bought the M50 before the R came out, what do you think? I agree that the EF-R is ultimately the system of the future. 0 to 85% RH. Here's the biggest gotcha for sports, at least as of firmware 1.0.0 (early September 2018) my EOS R can't update the finder continuously as shot in continuous mode. From what I know and seen from the M5,M50 line, the APSC is a decent line, however, I really hope Canon invests more into this line because it's native lens are lacking. We'll see. Not a perfect upgrade, but it gets the job done on my end all while getting the added features I've never had for years. Load more. Photography; Cameras; Canon Camera; How to Expand the ISO Range on Your Canon EOS 6D; How to Expand the ISO Range on Your Canon EOS 6D.
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