Officers gasp for breath when a mysterious package is opened. Border security is a core responsibility of the Commonwealth, resting on specific powers under section 51 of the Constitution, including trade and commerce, defence, quarantine, fisheries in Australian waters beyond territorial limits, immigration and emigration, and foreign affairs. This work has been prepared to support the work of the Australian Parliament using information available at the time of production. [6], Border Protection Command is a multi-agency taskforce that is staffed by officers from Customs, Defence, Australian Fisheries Management Authority and DAFF Biosecurity, and uses Customs and Defence assets. � �\{w�H���~ [18] The first of the Cape Class boats was launched in January 2013, with the full fleet of eight expected to be operational by late 2015 at a total cost of $350 million. With the exception of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, and to the extent that copyright subsists in a third party, this publication, its logo and front page design are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia licence. J Clare (Minister for Home Affairs), New Customs and Border Protection patrol boat launched, media release, 16 January 2013, accessed 9 May 2013. Inquiries regarding the licence and any use of the publication are welcome to [email protected]. Any concerns or complaints should be directed to the Parliamentary Librarian. sT��_�W.�ƄF4���$a���P0o��wiɄja�\�E�����m2�RABG��\��B�M"͡�I�U(�ϦTh@+�QBm�G���d�X��bʓy�y���E�P��Py@��H���1Ķ p��P�nn�Y`8�c ���iWV�k���G��9������؁�ӄ���>�U睩Y���XQ Serious threats to Australia’s border integrity occur against the backdrop of broader changes in the international security environment. 61–63. 151–163; Australian Federal Police (AFP), ‘Aviation’, AFP website, accessed 8 May 2013. And an investigation into a young mother suddenly becomes a matter of life and death and shocks everyone involved. [10]. [22]. Walls Work. Sources: Customs annual reports 2008-09 to 2011-12; Attorney-General’s Portfolio additional estimates statements 2012–13. [27]. [6]. Geographically, the area of interest includes the Australian coastline, Australia’s offshore territories, the Australian Fishing Zone, the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone (AEEZ) and adjacent areas. Interstate travel require a Border Entry Form, you must apply up to 72 hours before travel.For up to date information on border restrictions and travelling to the Northern Territory, refer to the Northern Territory Government website. Border Protection Command (BPC), ‘Homepage’, BPC website, accessed 8 May 2013; BPC, ‘Organisational structure’, BPC website, accessed 8 May 2013. [20]. Z "�-��{��0�( R�=|��� _�]L��HiDdB��ľ�x���dɏ�ȸ���n��tob꽝uM�V{��ۮm�=��ɥ�!7I��W}ѭN�����}�X���8����S ˜�� ��0�����m',h5�������hJ���!z)F�؏fyb� ~K�85��*��H�n�;���0�DD4�(�| [22] The White Paper also refers to the need for ‘ongoing sustainment of the frequently used but ageing AP-3C Orion fleet, along with the timely acquisition of a replacement capability’. A number of Customs and DAFF Biosecurity officers are alleged to have been involved in corrupt and criminal behaviour. [2]. Source: Customs annual reports 2007–08, 2010–11 and 2011–12. To access this service, clients may contact the author or the Library‘s Central Entry Point for referral. For example, in 2010–11, ACV (Australian Customs Vessel) Triton and ACV Ocean Protector each undertook five per cent more patrol days than their targets (240 and 200 days respectively) in order to ‘facilitate the long haul transportation of passengers and crew from intercepted SIEVs [suspected irregular entry vessels]'. [25]. NSW / ACT border. For copyright reasons some linked items are only available to members of Parliament. [26], Graphs 4 and 5 illustrate changes in the proportion of funding allocated to different Customs programs and average staffing levels for the agency for the most recent five years for which figures are available. Rep. Paul Cook: I firmly believe the U.S.-Mexico relationship is unique in its importance and impact to the American people. Historic successes point the way toward border barriers of the future. "This is a border security fix and a DACA fix, and I think this is something that should be used as a foundation for negotiations on this topic," Hurd said of the U.S.A. Act. [3], The Department of Immigration and Citizenship manages Australia’s migration and humanitarian programs and visa system, administers travel alert lists, and is involved in domestic, regional and international efforts to prevent irregular migration including people smuggling and trafficking in persons.
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