Whiteriver Unified School District #20 In Apache it is: Shash zhaazhe = "shash" = bear; "zhaazhe" = little. Do not call him by his name. The Apache do not communicate with this animal; it is considered a bad omen to have contact with a snake. On Glosbe you can check not only translations into language English or Jicarilla Apache: we also provide examples of usage, by showing dozens of examples of translated sentences containing translated phrase. This article needs additional citations for verification. Today, the Apache are mainly located in reservations in Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. 30. bear jug nest oil plants rock cradleboard water teeth beads snow money Characters aa ą á ą́ ąą é ę ę́ ęę í į į́ įį ó ǫ ǫǫ ǫ́ ú IPA equivalent aː ã á ã́ ãː ɛ́ ɛ̃ ɛ̃́ ɛ̃ː ɪ́ ɪ̃ ɪ̃́ ɪ̃ː ó õ õː ṍ ú Usage. Whiteriver, AZ 85941 [1990]. Their name comes from a Zuni word meaning “enemy.” Eastern Apache were predominantly hunter gatherers, whilst their Western counterparts relied more on farming, but were driven from their lands by Comanche. (transitive) To be equipped with something. Use the alphabetical listing of words below to select the words you would like to hear spoken in Apache. ", cause to be born; "My wife had twins yesterday! Ooljee... Navajo--moon. (finance) An investor who sells commodities, securities, or futures in anticipation of a fall in prices. Liwanu: In Miwok, this means growling bear. The Apache (/ ə ˈ p æ tʃ i /) are a ... An example of taboo differences: the black bear was a part of the Lipan diet (although not as common as buffalo, deer, or antelope), but the Jicarilla never ate bear because it was considered an evil animal. The Supernatural Person in the Lake “When a child my mother taught me the legends of our people; taught me of the sun and sky, the moon and stars, the clouds and storms. APACHE RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS APACHE RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS . The Apache Indians originated in northern Canada but later settled in the Plains states and the American Southwest. Meaning unknown MONA: Miwok name meaning “gathers jimson weed seed.” MONGWAU: Hopi name meaning “owl.” MOTEGA: new arrow MUATA: Miwok name meaning “yellow jackets inside a nest.” MUKKI: Algonquin name meaning “child.” MURACO: white moon MOLIMO: Miwok name meaning “bear walking into shade.” MOMUSO: Miwok name. Explore kristibug40's photos on Flickr. To possess mentally; to carry or hold in the mind; to entertain; to harbour. Please write word or phrase you want to check in the text box on the left. The geographic locations of events are crucial components to any Western Apache story or narrative. Show more answers (3) Still have questions? The word "Apache" comes from the Yuma word for "fighting-men". his body 30 bitághaa: bítɑ́g̃ɑ̃́ː his beard 31 bį́: bĩ́? To sustain, or be answerable for (blame, expense, responsibility, etc.). Their name for themselves is N'de, Inde or Tinde ("the people"). Whiteriver Unified School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its educational programs or activities. Native American Vocabulary: Apache Words Welcome to our Apache vocabulary page! Origins of the Apache Indians. To afford; to be (something) to; to supply with. Click here to learn more. The word "apache" comes from the Yuma word for "fighting-men" and from the Zuni word meaning "enemy." The Apache tribe consists of six subtribes: the Western Apache, Chiricahua, Mescalero, Jicarilla, Lipan and Kiowa. Happy Chief on your birthday, let crazy horse ever rushes ahead and you can not catch a lasso. You will have a choice to listen to the words in high quality or low quality (slower connections). Apache OpenOffice is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. The word "Apache" comes from the Yuma word for "fighting-men". Ask Question + 100. To take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person. Do not call him by his name. Nana...Cherokee for Nina-[na-na]. Click on the Apache word to hear it in high quality or low quality (If you have a modem connection). Top Native American dog name. MapReduce Tutorial: A Word Count Example of MapReduce. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The name Apache probably comes from the Yuma word for "fighting-men" and/or from apachu, which means "enemy" in Zuni. It also comes from a Zuni word meaning "enemy". "New words had to be made for all the 20th-century inventions," Bray says. Nanook... Inuit for the Polar Bear. bearing. HWPF is the name of our port of the Microsoft Word 97(-2007) file format to pure Java. The Apache Indians originated in northern Canada but later settled in the Plains states and the American Southwest. 1 0. To produce or yield something, such as fruit or crops. Showing page 1. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Supernatural Person in the Lake “When a child my mother taught me the legends of our people; taught me of the sun and sky, the moon and stars, the clouds and storms. It also provides limited read only support for the older Word 6 and Word 95 file formats. Indian Words In Common Use Canoe Totem Pow-Woo Sachem Potato Raccoon Wapiti Coyote Massagua Potlatch Pumpkin Tomato Chinquapin Chipmunk Hurricane Aztec Succotash Tupelo Pecan Muskelunge Moccasin Mugwump Tom-Tom Muskeg Papoose Cayuse Maize Sagamore Moose Indigo Quinine Mohave Skunk Chinook Llama Ocelot Opossum Aleut Bison Banana Hogan Woodchuck Wampum … bird 26 dikos: dìkʰò̤ːs cough 27 Dziɫt'aadn: dzɪ̀ɬtɑ́ːdǹ̩ people near the mountain (Cibecue Apache) 28 bitsighąą: bí˅tsɑ́g̃ɑ̃́ː his brain 29 bits'į́: bìtsĩ́? A large omnivorous mammal, related to the dog and raccoon, having shaggy hair, a very small tail, and flat feet; a member of family Ursidae, particularly of subfamily, A rough, unmannerly, uncouth person. Never touch a bear, its waste materials, footprints, bedding area or anything the bear has touched. She also taught me to kneel and pray … The details of the ASF’s conventions are beyond the scope of this document, but a few principles bear repeating: Polite, respectful discourse. (informal) A difficult situation or problem. 28. Concomitantly, persons in distress are reminded of what th know but sometimes forget-that ancestral wisdom is a powerful ally adversity, and that reflecting upon it, as countless generations of Ap learned, can produce expanded awareness, feelings of relief, and a fort to cope. That which bears (whatever this combining form combines with). APACHE TRIBAL NATION. Copyright © 2016 - Whiteriver USD. his body 30 bitághaa: bítɑ́g̃ɑ̃́ː his beard 31 bį́: bĩ́? Contact: Bruce Goode. add translation Recent changes. To allow (something that one dislikes or disagrees with) to continue to exist or occur without interference; accept or undergo, often unwillingly. It also comes from a Zuni word meaning "enemy". Anonymous. Releasing the Buffalo. Navajo and Apache are very similar languages. The hunter would usually grease his body in animal fat to cut the "human" smell. He had the ability to grow to 50 feet or larger by saying "ineck chock", which was explained as the Apache word for "big man." kristibug40 has uploaded 225 photos to Flickr. Apache Adams was a cowboy’s cowboy, and greatly respected by his peers. 2 2. (Pop-ups must be enabled.) It also comes from a Zuni word meaning "enemy". I'm doing a school project. They call themselves Inde or Nide, meaning … To take effect; to have influence or force. ", contain or hold; have within; "The jar carries wine"; "The canteen holds fresh water"; "This can contains water", have; "bear a resemblance"; "bear a signature", have on one's person; "He wore a red ribbon"; "bear a scar", have rightfully; of rights, titles, and offices; "She bears the title of Duchess"; "He held the governorship for almost a decade", move while holding up or supporting; "Bear gifts"; "bear a heavy load"; "bear news"; "bearing orders", put up with something or somebody unpleasant; "I cannot bear his constant criticism"; "The new secretary had to endure a lot of unprofessional remarks"; "he learned to tolerate the heat"; "She stuck out two years in a miserable marriage", support or hold in a certain manner; "She holds her head high"; "He carried himself upright", take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person; "I'll accept the charges"; "She agreed to bear the responsibility". Found 0 sentences matching phrase "bear".Found in 0 ms. Word List. ezTaskTitanium TM, Welcome to the English to Apache Speaking Dictionary, click here to go to the common phrases page. On the other hand, Apaches spoke Athapaskan which was a language used widely among Native Americans. (informal) An animal that resembles a bear, such as a koala or ant bear. Origins of the Apache Indians. Hi, I'm trying to get data from specific fields in a Word document. 33. To manage, wield, or direct; to behave or conduct (oneself). The Zuni name for Navajo was called "Apachis de Nabaju" by the earliest Spaniards exploring New Mexico. Thanks to Mr. Curtis Suttle, Frank Bonito, Verbena Henry, Carl Edwards, Evelyn White, Keith Hinton, and the other students who volunteered from Mrs. Bahe's and Mrs. Warwick's Apache Culture Class. (transitive) To produce or yield something, such as fruit or crops. You can find more Apache Indian words in our online picture glossaries. Open Source! To admit or be capable of; to suffer or sustain without violence, injury, or change. the Gila Apache, including the Gilenos, Mimbrenos, and Mogollones; and the Tontos. The Apache tribe of Native American Indians are famous for their fierce fighting qualities and fought for nearly 50 yeras in the Apache Wars. We've found 58 phrases and idioms matching bear. They call themselves N'de, Inde or Tinde, which all mean "the people". Their name for themselves is N'de, Inde or Tinde ("the people"). The Apache HTTP Project thanks halfdog, Context Information Security Ltd, Prutha Parikh of Qualys, and Norman Hippert for bringing these issues to the attention of the security team. Apache OpenOffice has been downloaded over 100 million times. The Apache HTTP server offers a range of caching features that are designed to improve the performance of the server in various ways. To be, or head, in a specific direction or azimuth (from somewhere). But the 6th word is flowers in the Apache language. Now, suppose, we have to perform a word count on the sample.txt using MapReduce. The new 10,500-word dictionary is the second of two Apache-English dictionaries published in Arizona, but it includes about five times as many words as the first, released in 1972. Apache refers to members of the Apache language family (including Navajo) which is in turn a member of the larger Athabaskan family. This was what the Zuni called the Navajo, who in turn were called Apaches de Nabaju by the early Spanish explorers in New Mexico. They also used them to help carry their belongings when traveling. One can see not only translation of the word, but also how it behaves in the sentence. (finance, investments) Characterized by or believing to benefit of declining prices in securities markets. Native American people of the Great Basin. Apache Bear Urfer is on Facebook. I am generating a word document using Apache POI now what i need, i need to attach an image header to that document how i can do that.This is what i have done.
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