This cross-sectional study aimed to explore the associations between ethnicity, religion and gender with the attitude of clinical-year medical students toward LGBT patients. While the Malaysian Chinese literature has a very strong relationship with Chinese literature and culture in China, the multi-cultural environment in Malaysia has enabled the Malaysian Chinese literature to develop into its own regional identity which is different from that of the Chinese literature in mainland China. The culture a person is born into goes a long way toward determining that individual's behavior patterns, beliefs and values. 2.3.1 Gender, nationality and consumer-behavioral variables 124 2.3.2 Age, nationality and consumer-behavioral variables 125 2.3.3 Effects of nationality on cultural and consumer-purchase dimensions 127 2.4 Testing the hypotheses: pan-country and intra-country analyses 129 Islam is the unifying factor of the family [20]. Data from 228 participants with valid responses were analysed using ANOVA for religion and ethnicity; and independent t test for gender. homogenization. In this research, the author develops a theoretical framework of the brand personality construct by determining the number and nature of dimensions of brand personality (Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication, and Ruggedness). practices associated with Indian management. Further, social media advertising was found to be the strongest predictor of consumer purchasing behavior. 25. (2014) indicate that one's religious viewpoints can influence purchase behaviour, in which non-Muslims may view halal food favourably (Mathew et al., 2014). This is mainly, because of the fluidity of consumers’ decision p, evolves over time and space, as well as in diff, single community with dual ethnic groups, i.e. consumer around the world that possess specific behavioral and consumption patterns in order to win these selected target market. traditional Chinese values are still held by these students. Financial socialization agents, for example, through parents and religion sources may increase college students' financial well-being. However, the interaction between individualism-collectivism and consumer behaviour is an exciting phenomenon for cross-cultural consumer behaviour researchers to observe (Leo et al., 2005). Market cultures, the middle classes and Islam: J.O. Washington, 1991, Vol. 12 years of research in the domain of consumer behavior. 6 LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY Corporate and Business Law. !P| This attitude might be positive, negative, and neutral. In terms of religion, studies by Mukhtar and Butt (2012), and Ahmed et al. Based on the above discussion, the, The marked distinction between the Malays and the, Chinese lies in the UAI with Chinese scores are rather low as, political environments they are in. Dr. Yakup Durmaz. Yet cultural factors moderate many aspects of consumer's impulsive buying behavior, including self-identity, normative influences, the suppression of emotion, and the postponement of instant gratification. Yau [22] foun, China. masculinity for both of these two ethnic groups. The, of authority. This phenomenon makes it progressively important to understand factors impacting it. Our findings reflect the association of ethnicity to attitudes of future doctors towards LGBT patients in the context of Malaysian society, where religion has been given great impetus with far reaching influence in shaping attitudes. World Scientific Publishing Company, 2004. pp. Hence, this study aims to reveal and understand the influence of personal values on attitudes toward food and food choices among urban Malay Muslims by employing the value-attitude-behavior (VAB) model. Tai, and J.L.M. Advertising, 1999, 28(1), Spring, pp. This study attempts to provide an understanding of the practices of PLC and challenges in implementing PLC in a Malaysian Chinese culture–dominated secondary school. Obtained Master in Business Administration (MBA), in 1982. Overall, implications Sabri et al. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Summary This paper reveals the learning styles of early adult students who come from various cultural backgrounds. Study 2 investigated multimethod-multitrait matrices measuring the constructs and generally supported their convergent and divergent validity. We begin our review with the role of well-established cultural distinctions such as individualism– collectivism, before turning to newer clas-sifications related to the horizontal–vertical ** P < 0.01, Sample Size (Malays) = 92, Sample Size (Chinese) = 145. Past research has shown that Malay and Malaysia Chinese ethnic groups are somewhat dissimilar in terms of culture and lifestyle (see e.g., [31]. The electronic media, especially, brought in an alternative structure of interaction in a pattern of family socialisation for the younger generation and create a sort of structural gap in the situation of family life. Additionally, the, rapid growth of Malaysian economy in the last few decades, consumer behaviour in Malaysia even more interesting and, culture bring to our attention that culture is indeed, static but rather it is very dynamic – it changes and transforms. the religion play a very significant role. Tam, A Life style analysis of female consumers, A.K. Thus, undergraduates, from two education institutions located in the Klang Valley in, Kuala Lumpur, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) and, Malay and Chinese youths. set of values and ideologies of a particular community or group of individuals Consumer Buying Behaviour refers to the buying behaviour of the ultimate consumer. thinking patterns as well as the manners in problem solving. Impulse buying generates over $4 billion in annual sales volume in the United States. Although a considerable amount of research in personality psychology has been done to conceptualize human personality, identify the ''Big Five'' dimensions, and explore the meaning of each dimension, no parallel research has been conducted in consumer behavior on brand personality, Consequently, an understanding of the symbolic use of brands has been limited in the consumer behavior literature. and consumer behaviour is one more endeavour for augmenting the literature on Indian management. Many factors, specificities and characteristics influence the individual in what he is and the consumer in his decision making process, shopping habits, purchasing behavior, the brands he buys or the retailers he goes. Consumer buying Behaviour, price, motivation, perceived culture importance, religious orientation. Structural equation modeling indicated that early childhood consumer experiences such as savings habits contribute to students' financial well-being (money saved, current financial situation, and financial management skills).

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